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High Tech Systems Park

The building is situated at the High Tech Systems Park, which offers a facilitating and empowering role in creating an environment for the manufacturing industry. Engaging businesses, knowledge, restaurants, a gym, conference- and meeting rooms are just a slight portion of examples. It is a place that radiates energy and unites innovation and cooperation. It is the perfect match to the needs of todays present (and technical) specialisms and how unique that there is a spot to be fulfilled! 


  • Centrally situated in Twente, with good access of public traffic and routes.

  • Parking spots in abundance. Including charging points for electric cars and bikes.


A lot of services

  • Restaurants

  • Central ‘cantine’

  • AH To Go

  • Various meeting rooms with different specs. 

  • Auditorium

  • Gym

  • Up to date ICT facilities; i.e. optical fiber and WIFI along the entire terrain.



  • Sustainably built, for example by the use of recovered and recycled materials. 

  • Offices have Energy label A

  • Circular use of all materials (even in demolition)

Flexible & Unique

Make it your own!

  • Flexible mix in the devision between offices and business premises. 

  • New construction manner can be designed and created up till wishes.

  • Cooperation with the other businesses on the HTSP creates a location that is appealing on the long run as well. 

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