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The history

since 1963. 

For more than sixty years now, this building is an icon in Hengelo. Though, through its functional design it is unique in the world: nowhere you will find premises like this! In the early years, the building was used to test products of "Holland Signaal" (currently known as Thales) and be able to develop further. 


Companies operating RADARTOREN B17

SOM huisvesting and Kamphuis sloopwerken have joined forces to revice the Radartoren! An amazing initative where cooparation and innovation unites again at the High Tech Systems Park in Hengelo. We would love to tell you more about our businesses and cooperation!  




SOM has a long standing experience in the creation of special locations. From 2017 onwards we looked into the specific possibilities of this property with admiration. Where demolition was the initial plan, we managed to convince the former owner Thales by emphasizing the iconic power of the building. Hence, we were able to call ourselves the co-owner of this extraordinary building by 2021. 


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Kamphuis Sloopwerken ("demolition works") has been involved in the developments from the HTSP for years. Examples can be found in complete demolition, preparations for renovating in buildings as "N" and currently the optimum of re-using an entire building. This way we are able to bet the power of our own business and hence, stimulate a sustainable development. This fit seemlessly to our new initiative 'Omgekeerd Bouwen' (freely translated; reverse building)! 

The history

Radartoren was not in force any longer and was temporary devoted to other purposes (i.e. theThales museum).








Construction of the original tower. At that time, only the upper floor was used for the purpose of a test setup of the Holland Signal radar systems. 

The mezzanines were built as an expansion to the offices. 

The first plans were made to preserve the building and the first acquisition talks took place with Thales.

Acquisition has become a fact at the end of 2021. SOM Huisvesting and Kamphuis Sloopwerken cooperate to revive the Radartoren. 

(Circular) Demolition has begun, the first areas are prepped for rental and at the end of the year offices and (i.e. manufacturing) business premises will be renovated as well, to be future-proof. It will be sustainable, with new installation and a contemporary design. 

New construction will be realised. 

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