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High Tech Systems Park

  A place for cooperation and innovation 

A unique complex, located along the water and with a height of 30 meters. Centrally situated on the High Tech System Park and hence, unique in all services and facilities. The complex is ready for innovation with a wide scale of office- and business premises. Of which all can be designed or arranged to your liking. The area facilitates in cooperation and creates a community feeling with all facilities such a conference rooms, an Albert Heijn To Go, Starbucks, catering, gyms and innovative co-companies. Please read more about HTSP or check their website via the buttons down below!


Radartoren B17

Put your business on the map!

The location along the water, a place for new intentions and innovative ideas and of course, the facilities provided by the HTSP makes this iconic building ideally suited for businesses on the hunt for a location that has that wow-feeling. An appealing location to get to work with your colleagues and a new beginning for your business to be put on the map! Please read more about the possibilities, also in expansion, of the Radartoren. Because, this complex can be your future work spot! 


For more than sixty years now, this building is an icon in Hengelo. Though, through its functional design it is unique in the world: nowhere you will find premises like this! In the early years, the building was used to test products of "Holland Signaal" (currently known as Thales) and be able to develop further. 

The possibilities

SInce the building is a repurpose of an icon in Hengelo, the proportion office and buisiness premises can be determined in consultation. For example, when in need for more office space the former building 'B18' can be converted to unique offices.


The Radartoren
Getting curious? 

Is your business the best fit for the High Tech Systems Park and are you curious about the possibilities? Please leave a message behind or contact us so we can look into the possibilities together!

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Som Huisvesting | Paul Scholten 

06 29 439 202 |

Kamphuis Sloopwerken | Marcel Kamphuis 

06 53 37 08 72 |

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